Coventry Housing Authority

Coventry Housing Authority


The Town of Coventry Housing Authority was organized in 1963 to provide housing opportunities to low-income households for the citizens of the Town of Coventry. Our management of these properties has consistently been rated as “High Performing” by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Constructed in 1967 Knotty Oak Village was the first public housing development in Coventry.

Picture of Knotty Oak Village being constructed
Old Picture of Knotty Oak Village parking lot

The eighties brought a construction boom to Coventry. John O. Haynes on Carley Drive brought 24 new units adjacent to Knotty Oak Village in 1980.

North Road Terrace complex construction began in 1983 with 48 units and in 1989 another 48 units were built.

In 2001 Coventry Housing Authority was also the first PHA in Rhode Island to have a participant close on a home through the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership program.