Coventry Housing Authority

Coventry Housing Authority


The Board of Commissioners sets the tone of any Agency and the Coventry Housing Authority Board is both involved and a knowledgeable asset to this Agency. They are responsible for the development of the Housing Authority policy and providing fiscal oversight of the Housing Authority operations.

Our Board is also very accessible to our residents, attending resident appreciation and holiday events, as well as taking the casual stroll through the properties. They maintain the mission that residents are our number one priority.

The Board is appointed by the Coventry Town Council to a five year term.

Photos of Coventry Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners

Standing left to right

R David Jervis Vice Chairman May 2023
Robert DiPadua Chairman May 2020
Rebecca Parenteau Resident Commissioner May 2022
Scott Duckworth Commissioner May 2021
Phil Casacalenda Commissioner May 2024