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Executive Director

Julie A Leddy PHM
Executive Director

An excerpt from our 2011 Annual Report...

I am pleased to present the 2011 Annual Report of the Coventry Housing Authority.

Throughout 2011, Coventry Housing Authority continued to build upon the foundation of solid performance through Board commitment, staff energy, resident satisfaction and community good will, while continuing to foster the growth and development of this Authority.

Coventry Housing Authority succeeded in meeting the annual Department of Housing & Urban Development ( HUD) regulatory requirements and annual assessments and was designated as a HUD High Performer in both its Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs.

Coventry Housing Authority provided housing for over 1,000 family members, turned over 23 units within the year, performed 2,135 work orders to protect our assets for the long-term and leveraged over $500,000 to provide physical improvements and services.

Coventry Housing Authority looks forward to it’s on-going mission of providing the Town of Coventry with decent, safe, and affordable housing while enhancing the quality of life for those we serve. This will need to be accomplished even as we encounter on-going, unstable, deep-cutting federal funding allocations. However, Coventry Housing Authority is ready to meet these new challenges in the years ahead through education, training and continued dedication to serve.