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Good Afternoon, this is the Coventry Housing Authority.

As you may know, we will be experiencing abnormally, dangerously cold temperatures this evening and through the day on Thursday.  This will include winds gusting at 25-35 mph with low temperatures ranging from 10 below zero.  If at all possible, avoid going outdoors tonight and tomorrow.

With this intense arctic cold front, your units may not warm up to their usual high; there will be an excessive demand for heat throughout all the buildings and some drafts due to the wind.  We advise you to layer up for the next couple of days.  Of course, if you have a Maintenance emergency, please contact the emergency maintenance line at 828-4384.

Thank you and STAY WARM.

January 14th 1:00pm NRT Assoc  mtg

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Honored to be celebrating our fiftieth year of providing affordable housing opportunities to The Town of Coventry and our residents.


"The Coventry Housing Authority will provide affordable housing opportunities and comprehensive programs to enhance the lives of our clients. We will strive for excellence, professionalism, and compassion as we seek innovative and efficient methods to accomplish our goals."